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False Claims: No $10 Million Funding for June 2023 Election Rerun

By: Christian Conteh

Claim: $10 million to be provided for the Re-run of the June 2023 election.

Verdict: FALSE

Full Text: A Twitter message, shared on Facebook by a user claiming to be Ambassador Ablish Kay (@Abdulai55153262), asserted that while the $1.5 million provided by the US Government is not intended for an election rerun, a substantial sum of $10 million would be provided for the rerun of the June 2023 Presidential Elections.

“Please relax, don’t stress yourself. The $1.5 million from the U.S is not for a Re-run election but to support the TRIPARTITE COMMITTEE in their work. After the recommendations, the over $10 million for the Re-run election will come from everywhere. #DrSamuraKamara to STATE HOUSE.”

Methodology: Upon investigation, no evidence was found to suggest that $10 million is earmarked from any source for an election rerun.

Conclusion: The claim stating that over $10 million for the Re-run election will come from everywhere is entirely false.

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