Fact Checked- Le 10 Fare is Valid for a One-Way Journey Only

 By: Christian Conteh

Claim: Le 10 for a bus ticket would give you access to all the buses for a period of 12 hours.

Verdict: FALSE

Full Text: After the procurement and commissioning of 50 new buses by the Government of Sierra Leone, a Twitter post by Francis Turay claimed that the sum of Le 10 would provide an individual access to the buses for a 12-hour period.

The post stated, “You know say, way you take the ‘Wasa Fine Bus,’ you ticket way you go receive valid for up to 12 hours? This mean to say, the Le. 10 way you go pay for your ticket kin allows you to use it on any other bus within the period of 12 hours. Also, the buses will reach the bus stops every 10 to 15 minutes. All this means you can use the same ticket for various purposes within the specified timeframe.”

Methodology: We reached out to the Ministry of Information and Civic Education, which directed us to a notice they had released. The notice explicitly states that the Le 10 fare is for a one-way trip.

Conclusion: The information suggesting that the Le 10 fee for a ticket on the new buses covers transportation costs for up to 12 hours is false. The Ministry of Information and Civic Education clarifies that the Le 10 fare is valid for a one-way journey only.


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