Acting Head of Sierra Leone Prisons Refutes Resignation Rumors

By: Mabinty M Kamara

Claim: Colonel Massaquoi, the Acting Head of Prisons in Sierra Leone, has submitted his resignation letter this evening for personal reasons.

Verdict: FALSE

Full Text: Contrary to circulating rumours on social media platforms, Colonel Massaquio has dismissed the claim of his resignation from the position of Acting Director of Sierra Leone Correctional Center.

“My attention has been drawn to a social media post which says that I have resigned my position as Acting Director of Sierra Leone Correctional Center. I wish to make it explicitly clear that the information is not only false and baseless but intended to smear my character and paint me bad,” he said.

He added, “The general public is advised to ignore the baseless story and is assured of my loyalty to the Oath that I took to defend the country and protect the constitution of Sierra Leone.”


Both Colonel Massaquoi and the Prisons Communications Unit have issued a disclaimer, refuting the baseless rumours and affirming his continued commitment to his role.

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