SLAJ Calls on Police to Ensure Safety and Security of Journalist Gibril Gottor (PRESS RELEASE)

Freetown | 30th April 2022
SLAJ Calls on Police to Ensure Safety and Security of Journalist Gibril Gottor
The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) is seriously concerned about the safety and security of journalist Gibril Gottor and his family residing in Kambia District, Northern Sierra Leone, and is calling for the swift intervention of the Sierra Leone Police.
Gottor reported to us an assassination attempt on him and his family on Friday 29th April, 2022, saying they woke up to the suffocating smell of petrol in their apartment. According to Gottor, the family discovered a plastic bag in the ventilation pipe on their roof dripping petrol, and their back door painted with the highly inflammable liquid.
The journalist believes the attempt on his life may not be unconnected to his ongoing investigation of corruption involving some business tycoons, military personnel, and a host of other influential people in the district.
The Local Unit Commander Kambia District Police, Chief Superintendent Abu Bakarr Magona, reportedly visited Gottor’s apartment in the afternoon to assess the situation but, according to the journalist, no investigator has been assigned to his case although he has made an official report to the Police.
“I am worried for my family and my life. We don’t feel safe,” Gottor told us.
The President of SLAJ, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, said: “An assassination attempt on a journalist for doing his work is very scary and a serious cause for concern. The Police and other state agencies must defend and protect journalists and other activists who dedicate their lives to fighting corruption in the country.”
SLAJ, therefore, calls on the Police to speedily investigate the matter while ensuring the safety and security of Gottor and his family.
Alhaji Manika Kamara
Acting National Secretary General
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