SLAJ Gender Equality Policy



When I was contesting for the SLAJ presidency in 2019 I resolved, after extensive consultations with potential voters, that it was me to confront the age-old challenge of gender inequality in the Sierra Leone media. The media has always been male-dominated; in terms of numbers, ownership, representation in leadership positions, the distribution of assignments in the newsroom, representation in media content, education, as well as in the operations of SLAJ and its affiliate bodies.

It is true that discrimination, harassment, and inequality on the basis of gender are not limited to the media. But as an agent of societal change, it is important that the media take intentional steps to address these issues within the industry.

In my first term as President, my administration established the Gender Advisory Panel (GAP), composed of SLAJ members and people from civil society, to advise us on mainstreaming gender within the Association  and our affiliates and conduct training to help our members cover women and girls better.

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Press Release- Update on Media Coverage of the June 24th General Elections

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Press Release

Date: Monday, 26th June 2023

Update on Media Coverage of the June 24th General Elections


The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) commends all media houses and journalists deployed to cover the June 24 general elections across the country for doing so professionally and impartially.

Professional Conduct

The conduct of journalists and media houses on polling day and so far, according to our monitoring of the Western Area Urban and Rural, and reports from our regional offices, is encouraging. The Media Reform Coordinating Group (MRCG) Media Situation Room Report also highlighted and commended the performance of the legacy media on polling day.

However, we have received complaint from the leadership of the Independent Radio Network (IRN) about a broadcast by Justice Radio FM accusing the platform of holding secret meetings with the main Opposition presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara to ensure that the platform announces results from polling stations that are favourable to the candidate and his party. The radio station further called on the Sierra Leone Police to stop the platform from announcing provincial results from polling stations and urged the public to stop listening to the platform.

Safety and Security

There are no reported incidents of threats or attacks/assaults against journalists or media houses on polling day across the country.

However, a group of journalists (including foreign journalists) were trapped at the All People’s Congress headquarters at Old Railway Line, Brookfields, Freetown, yesterday (Sunday 25th June 2023) evening while covering the party’s press conference during which the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) fired tear gas to disperse the crowd of supporters that had gathered in and around the building.

After receiving distress calls from the journalists and their media houses, SLAJ contacted the SLP and requested their intervention to get our colleagues out of the building. The SLP Regional Commander, Freetown West, Sylvester Koroma, ensured the journalists were escorted out of the building unhurt. Nevertheless, we received a complaint from one of the journalists, Ibrahim

Alusine Kamara, Managing Editor, Salone Compass newspaper, alleging that his vehicle, which he used to drive to the APC office for the press conference, was vandalized by security officials.

Social Media

Social media continues to be a concern for the spread of disinformation, fake news, hate speech and political propaganda, especially during the elections. We condemn the rampant spread of dis/misinformation of elections results from sources that do not have the authority to do so, and we reiterate that only the Elections Commission of Sierra Leone has that constitutional authority.


Meanwhile, SLAJ recognises the efforts by the IRN platform of radio stations, radio stations outside the IRN platform, TV stations, and newspapers in covering the elections in a professional and impartial way amid difficult circumstances.

We also recognize the great work by our team of Fact-checkers working on the UNDP I-Verify platform and the NDI SuperNewsRoom for timely fact-checking of problematic content around the elections and helping the public to have access to accurate and factual information.

We urge journalists to continue to perform their roles responsibly, professionally and impartially.



Alhaji Manika Kamara                                                

Secretary General








  1. Members of the Fourth Estate, Elections observation Missions, Colleagues in the Security Sector, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon and welcome to this very important gathering,


2. Ladies and gentlemen, we are very close to the June 24 multi-tier elections, and so we have deemed it necessary to call this press conference.


  1. The statement, which I am going to make is on behalf of the security sector, and it is in two parts. The first part is to give you an update on the state of preparedness of the security sector for the upcoming elections in terms of our professional readiness to deliver security. The second part will highlight some of the critical issues we are paying special attention to as a sector during this election and after, and the unfair condemnation of the security sector.

Let me start with the first – our level of preparedness:


  1. The Security Sector has the constitutional responsibility to ensure the peace and security of Sierra Leone and to protect lives and property. An adjunct to this strategic responsibility is to provide the conducive environment for the holding of democratic elections. This is a responsibility that the sector has always carried out with professionalism and immense success, leading to the peaceful conduct of four democratic elections in the country between 2002 and 2018, accompanied by a smooth and peaceful transfer of political power. And so, the Saturday 24th June 2023 elections will not be radically different from previous general elections, and we will not reinvent the will.


  1. In line with our mandate, we have undertaken a number of activities in order to get ourselves adequately prepared for the June 24th 2023 elections, and I feel       delighted to outline the following:


  1. We have reactivated the Integrated Election Security Planning Committee (IESPC) to ensure focused coordination of the efforts of Elections Management Bodies (EMBs), support security sector planning and actions through the development of appropriate strategies, and mobilize requisite funding support for the Security Sector to cover the elections.
  2. About one and a half years ago, we conducted a National Threat Assessment/District Risk Mapping leading to the development of three strategic documents pertinent to the effective and efficient management of the elections. These include Elections Security Strategy, Elections Communications Strategy and Elections Training Manual, all of which are now being implemented.


iii.            In respect of the elections training manual in particular, which deals with election security ethical issues such as professionalism, impartiality, adherence to the rule of law and human rights principles, etc. for senior security personnel, a Training of Trainers (ToTs) roundtables were held all over the country. These in turn were replicated to hundreds of junior security personnel that are participating in the elections.


  1. We have also reactivated the National Situation Room (NSR) to support the Security Sector Early Warning and Early Response Mechanism relating to the electoral process and related national security issues. The NSR has a Toll-Free Line of 119 accessible by all mobile networks in the country, and the public can call this number to report any election security-related concerns.


  1. The National Joint Operation Centre (NJOC), the Incident Command Centres (ICCs) and the Forward Control Points (FCPs) have all been reactivated to plan, coordinate and execute elections security operations both at the national and regional levels of the country.


  1. We recognize that election is a civil process, and so it is not our plan to over-securitize it. As a result, security for the elections will be predominantly provided by the SLP supported by other auxiliary forces. However, the RSLAF is supporting the SLP under the Military Aid to Civil Power (MACP) policy.


  1. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, members of the Fourth Estate, you can now see that the Security Sector is adequately prepared to provide security for the upcoming elections. The public should rest assured that the Security Sector will remain professional and impartial in the execution of its duties and every political party will be treated fairly in line with our respective mandates and codes of conduct.



  1. Let me now turn to the second part of my statement – that is critical issues we are paying attention to and the unfair criticisms levied against members of the security sector.


  1. The first is Social Media which has become one of the greatest threats to our national security today. There is no denying the fact that social media platforms have been largely misused to circulate misinformation, lies, tribal bigotry, hate speech, invectives and all manner of incendiary messages, especially WhatsApp. Divisive and ethnic messages expressed through social media have proved very unhelpful for national unity ad cohesion.


  1. The second threat is lawlessness and indiscipline. These are mainly exhibited by acts of disobedience to the laws of the land and state institutions, wanton violence, drug peddling and abuse and other forms of criminality.


  1. Another key threat is political intolerance which has led to unnecessary tension in the country undermining national security and the integrity of the elections. The assessment indicates that most of the violent confrontations between political party supporters stem from their inability to accommodate one another.


  1. I wish to conclude my statement by expressing our concern about the disturbing assertion by some members of the public and political parties that some security sector member institutions are biased, impartial and vindictive in the discharge of their functions. Whilst such assertions could be said to be based on perception and figments of the imagination, they can be demotivating to sincere and hardworking members of the security sector. I would like to clearly state that the operations of the security sector are guided by prudence, integrity and professionalism. The security sector is not a political party and has always tried to remain neutral, and not to be influenced by external factors to make it act outside the law. Groupings that are infested by lawbreakers and members who ordinarily want to take the law into their own hands have always been subjects of arrest, detention and prosecution by law enforcement agencies.


  1. Whilst we pledge to remain apolitical and professional, we will be emphatic that as a Sector, we will not sit by and allow miscreants to subvert either our democracy or the state. We are poised to hunt them and impel them. Just recently, our security architecture uncovered the activities of some groups with the aim of undermining national security. Some of their members have been arrested, and the security sector will continue to effect arrests.


  1. Let me end by encouraging you all to support the work of the Security Sector and the EMBs so that we will deliver on our respective mandates to get a peaceful and credible electoral outcome on 24th June 2023. That way, we would have once more vindicated Sierra Leone honourably for the fifth time in our democratic dispensation after the civil war. In all of this, the role of the Fourth Estate is crucial.


  1. To the Security Sector Family, I encourage all of us to remain strong and steadfast in protecting our country.


Thank you all and kindly let this message be circulated widely.




Freetown, Sierra Leone 15 June 2023 – Save the Children, in collaboration with the Children’s Forum Network and the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, express deep concern over reports of children being exploited, abused and involved in political activities during the 2023 General Election Campaigns in Sierra Leone. We strongly condemn such actions and urge all political parties and candidates to immediately cease using children in political campaigns or for conveying political messages.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Sierra Leone is a signatory, provides a clear framework for the protection and well-being of children. Article 3 of the Convention emphasizes that the best interest of the child shall be a primary consideration in all actions concerning them. Furthermore, Article 32 highlights the right of children to be protected from economic exploitation and any work that may interfere with their education, harm their health, or hinder their development.

The exploitation of children for political purposes not only violates their fundamental rights but also jeopardizes their well-being and future prospects. Children should never be used as pawns or instruments in political campaigns or activities. Such actions undermine their rights, expose them to potential harm, manipulation, and psychological distress.

In addition, we are deeply disappointed by recent developments that disrupted children’s education. It has come to our attention that the majority of over 220,000 pupils taking the West African Senior Secondary Education Examination (WASSCE), Primary and Secondary School children were either too scared to attend their exams or did not go to school Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th June 2023. This disruption to their education not only impacts their academic progress but also compromises their safety and mental well-being.

Eglantyne Jebb, the founder of Save the Children, initiated this movement to advocate for and protect children who suffer the consequences of political instability. In situations where children are exploited for political gains, it is imperative to remind everyone of the urgent need to protect and prioritize the well-being of children.

Save the Children, Children’s Forum Network and Sierra Leone Association of Journalists call upon all political parties, candidates, and their supporters to uphold the principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We urge them to:

  • Immediately cease the use of children in political campaigns, protests, events, or
  • Ensure the protection of children from any form of exploitation, manipulation, or harm during the electoral
  • Raise awareness within respective party structures and among supporters about the importance of safeguarding children’s
  • Encourage the reporting of instances of child exploitation to the appropriate

We also appeal to the media, civil society organizations, and citizens to remain vigilant and report any instances of child exploitation or involvement in political activities to the nearest police station.

Together, we can create an environment where children are safe, nurtured, and free from political exploitation.

Save the Children, Children’s Forum Network, and Sierra Leone Association of Journalists remain committed to working towards a society that upholds and protects the rights of every child. We call on all stakeholders to join hands in ensuring that children are shielded from harm and that their rights are respected, both during and beyond the electoral process.



For media inquiries, please contact:

Ramatu Jalloh

Director, Advocacy and Communication Section Save the Children


Ahmed Sahid Nasralla President

Sierra Leone Association of Journalists


Mahmoud Barrie President

Children’s Forum Network


Note to Editors

Save the Children is a leading global humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of children. They work to protect children from harm, provide access to quality education and healthcare, and ensure their voices are heard. Their mission is to create a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) is a professional body representing journalists in Sierra Leone. It promotes press freedom, ethical journalism, and the rights of journalists. SLAJ strives to uphold high standards of reporting and advocates for the welfare and protection of journalists, fostering a vibrant media landscape in the country.

The Children’s Forum Network (CFN) is a platform for children to voice their opinions and participate in decision-making processes. CFN empowers children to advocate for their rights, promotes child participation, and works towards creating a society that values and prioritizes the well-being and development of children.


SLAJ Calls on Police to Ensure Safety and Security of Journalist Gibril Gottor (PRESS RELEASE)

Freetown | 30th April 2022
SLAJ Calls on Police to Ensure Safety and Security of Journalist Gibril Gottor
The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) is seriously concerned about the safety and security of journalist Gibril Gottor and his family residing in Kambia District, Northern Sierra Leone, and is calling for the swift intervention of the Sierra Leone Police.
Gottor reported to us an assassination attempt on him and his family on Friday 29th April, 2022, saying they woke up to the suffocating smell of petrol in their apartment. According to Gottor, the family discovered a plastic bag in the ventilation pipe on their roof dripping petrol, and their back door painted with the highly inflammable liquid.
The journalist believes the attempt on his life may not be unconnected to his ongoing investigation of corruption involving some business tycoons, military personnel, and a host of other influential people in the district.
The Local Unit Commander Kambia District Police, Chief Superintendent Abu Bakarr Magona, reportedly visited Gottor’s apartment in the afternoon to assess the situation but, according to the journalist, no investigator has been assigned to his case although he has made an official report to the Police.
“I am worried for my family and my life. We don’t feel safe,” Gottor told us.
The President of SLAJ, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, said: “An assassination attempt on a journalist for doing his work is very scary and a serious cause for concern. The Police and other state agencies must defend and protect journalists and other activists who dedicate their lives to fighting corruption in the country.”
SLAJ, therefore, calls on the Police to speedily investigate the matter while ensuring the safety and security of Gottor and his family.
Alhaji Manika Kamara
Acting National Secretary General

SLAJ Appoints Gender Advisory Panel

Press Release
SLAJ Appoints Gender Advisory Panel
Freetown / 6th April 2022
The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) is a not-for-profit professional organisation advocating for the right to freedom of expression, free speech online, free media, and democratic good governance.
SLAJ recognises that gender inequality is a major challenge in the media in Sierra Leone. While the Association acknowledges that discrimination, harassment, and inequality on the basis of gender are not limited to the media, it wants to make it a priority to deal with these issues within the media.
The media in Sierra Leone is male-dominated, in terms of ownership and representation in leadership positions across individual media institutions as well as in SLAJ and its affiliate bodies.
Out of a total of 718 active SLAJ members across the country, only 170 are women.
Women in the media suffer unequal distribution of assignments in the newsroom. The male reporters are given assignments to cover hard news while female reporters are given soft beats.
Gender-sensitive reporting in the media is also very low.
Women journalists also claim they face sexual harassment and intimidation in the media from their male colleagues and superiors.
These are only a few of the challenges female journalists face.
While SLAJ does not have control over the employment and editorial policies of media houses, the Association wants to support efforts aimed at formulating policies that make the newsroom more conducive for female journalists.
To help it achieve this objective, the Association is hereby announcing the appointment of the following distinguished personalities to serve on its first-ever Gender Advisory Panel. This panel will advise SLAJ on gender issues, and conduct periodic gender audits that inform the way the Association formulates policies.
President of SLAJ, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, said: “Members of the SLAJ Gender Advisory Panel are volunteers, helping SLAJ and the Sierra Leone media to promote a level playing field for all practitioners irrespective of their gender. We thank the appointees for consenting to serve on the panel, and we hope and pray their contribution will change the narrative for women (and men) in the media.”
The SLAJ Gender Advisory Panel:
Williette P.R.O. James- Chairperson:
Dr. Williette Princess Ransolina Oluwakemi James is a Sierra Leonean journalist, lecturer and Gender advocate. Since 2010, she has interspersed her journalistic work with gender advocacy in the media. Williette has practiced as a journalist for 22 years. She got part of her training in journalism at the Sky High Magazine in Walthamstow, London, and has benefitted from several other media and gender trainings nationally and internationally. She is currently the Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Communication Media and Information Studies at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.
Chernor A. Bah- Member:
Chernor Bah is a globally recognised champion of girls rights, global education and youth development. He is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Purposeful – the first Africa rooted, a global feminist hub for girls activism. At 15 Chernor founded and led the Children’s Forum Network, a mass movement of children who mobilized to demand their voices be included in peace and reconciliation efforts after Sierra Leone’s civil war. In 2012, Bah co-founded A World at School – a global mobilization and campaign organization for education. He has been appointed numerous times by the United Nations Secretary-General and is a frequent speaker and advisor at high-level platforms including the United Nations, The European Union, the World Bank, and major universities around the world.
Naasu Genevieve Fofanah- Member:
Naasu Genevieve Fofanah is an Entrepreneur, accomplished Author, results-oriented international development and Public Administration Professional. She has substantive experience in psychology, gender, education, global public policy and management. Ms. Fofanah has a proven track record of success in offering senior policy advisory services to governments, bilateral and multilateral institutions, NGOs, CSOs on a broad spectrum of development issues. As Special Gender Adviser to the previous Government, Ms. Fofanah spearheaded the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment national policy in the Agenda for Prosperity (PRSP III). At the Regional level, she served as Vice-Chairperson of the UNECA Bureau on Women representing West Africa. She is a renowned women and girls’ rights activist with several awards to her name.
Joseph ‘Josephine’ Ayamga- Secretary:
Joseph Ayamga is the Country Director of SEND Sierra Leone, an NGO that has done extensive work on women and girls empowerment in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone. He is widely regarded as the initial champion of women in governance networks and has been able to mobilise more than 36,000 mostly rural women into governance and livelihood cooperatives in the East, South, and Western regions of Sierra Leone. Under his leadership, the NGO has grown exponentially from its initial presence in only Kailahun District to working in eight districts within five years. Ayamga’s work has contributed significantly to Kailahun making history in the 2012 elections as the only district to attain 41% of women representation in the local council. Recently, he has been responsible for establishing the Nyapui School and the Radio as platforms to give voice to women and build the next generation of women leaders. Ayamga is now called Jospehine by women in the Eastern region.
Alhaji Manika Kamara
Acting National Secretary General

SLAJ Recognises Irish Embassy’s Support to Women & Media.

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has presented a Golden Jubilee Recognition Award to the Embassy of the Republic of Ireland in Sierra Leone for their continuous support towards freedom of expression and the empowerment of women and girls in the small West African country.

The award was announced at the SLAJ Annual General Meeting in Bo City in June 2021 as part of celebrations marking the Association’s 50 years of existence but was officially presented to the Embassy on Monday 13th December 2021.

According to the SLAJ President, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, SLAJ recognises, appreciates, and is grateful for the role played by the Irish Embassy (and other International partners) towards the repeal of Part Five of the 1965 Public Order Act that criminalises libel and free speech.

“We worked a great deal with the outgone Second Secretary of the Embassy of Ireland in Sierra Leone Daire Courtney to achieve the repeal. So we share this historic victory with the Embassy,” said Nasralla while presenting the SLAJ Golden Jubilee Recognition Award to the new Irish Ambassador Claire Buckley and her team.

The SLAJ President called on the Embassy to see how best they could collaborate with SLAJ and its affiliate bodies, especially Women In The Media (WIMSAL), towards building a strong and independent media in the country and also support training relating to women empowerment in the media and generally.

He assured the Irish Embassy that SLAJ would continue to hold the government accountable on issues of national interest and the rule of law, particularly those relating to freedom of expression and human rights across the country.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Buckley expressed appreciation to SLAJ for recognising their work over the years, disclosing that they have supported and would continue to support initiatives toward the protection of human rights, especially in the area of freedom of expression, and more women representation in governance.

Credit: SLAJ Secretariat

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SLAJ Condemns Arrest of AYV Media Guest

Press Release
Freetown | 28th April 2022
SLAJ Condemns Arrest of AYV Media Guest
The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has received a complaint from the Africa Young Voices Media Empire (AYV Media) relating to arresting a guest who took part in their Wake Up Sierra Leone morning television program on 26th April 2022.
According to AYV Media, the guest by the name of Mohamed Khan- who is described as the Interim Chairman of Teachers Solidarity, was arrested by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) just outside its premises on his way out after the program, and that may not be unconnected to Khan’s utterances on the concerns of teachers during the program.
According to the SLP, Mohamed Khan ‘has been inciting teachers to withhold their services from the State using an illegal platform called ‘Teachers Solidarity’ while the Government of Sierra Leone and the Sierra Leone Teachers Union are engaged in negotiations. Police further said that Khan was brought to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for questioning, and later released on the same day after also meeting with the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education.
While SLAJ is not interfering with the work of the Police in maintaining law and order, the Association is concerned that such an act of arrest by the SLP has the potential to scare off potential critical guests that AYV Media and other media houses may want to invite to their programs.
“The media provide the platform for access to all shades of opinion even if such opinions are critical of the State or Government and its numerous agencies. That is the bedrock of democracy, and any attempt to clamp down on dissenting views is usually counterproductive. The Police could have waited for another day to peacefully invite Khan for questioning rather than arresting him on his way out of a media program,” said President of SLAJ, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla.
SLAJ is therefore calling on the SLP to respect people’s right to free expression at all times and to adopt less hostile ways of holding citizens accused of incitement other than arresting them.
Furthermore, SLAJ urges the SLP to be proactive with information on the reason(s) for the arrest of citizens by respecting not only the rights of the accused to know but also the public’s right to know.
Alhaji Manika Kamara
Acting National Secretary General


As we celebrate IWD 2022, SLAJ recognises the progress the women of Sierra Leone have made in a lot of areas, including in the media, but we also want to remind everyone that there’s still a long way to go to achieve a level playing field where women and men can compete equally.

We urge women to take advantage of the moment and occupy the chairs on the high table. If the men have occupied all the chairs, come with your own chairs and sit confidently.


SLAJ Golden Jubilee Membership Approved List 2021

SLAJ Golden Jubilee Membership Approved List 2021
Freetown: 1st March 2022
The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) is pleased to announce that the following journalists have been approved as members of the Association after successfully going through the application process and induction ceremonies conducted by the SLAJ Membership Credentials Committee across the country:
1 Alhaji Mohamed Mansaray- Afri Radio-Reporter
2 Alex Michael Koroma- Intern Newspaper
3 Abdul Karim Sesay- Afri Radio-Presenter
4 Abdulai Gbla- GBLA TV
5 Abu Bakarr Swallo- Peak Newspaper-Editor
6 Abu Bakarr Bah- The Vindicator Newspaper
7 Abu Bakarr Kamara- Amza Radio/Reporter
10 Abu Bakarr Thaimu Sesay- The Voice Newspaper
11 Albert Newland- Voice of Peninsula Mountain FM 96.1
12 Alhaji Koroma- The Guardian Newspaper
12 Alim Jalloh- Times Sierra Leone
14 Allieu Bangura- AYV
15 Allieu Lamin Kamara- The Indigenes Newspaper
16 Allieu S. Tunkara- Night Watch
17 Alpheus Rogers- Solution Media Consultancy
18 Alusine Joseph Mansaray- Afri Radio-Reporter
19 Amara Kargbo- SLENA
20 Aminata Fofanah- SLBC
21 Ann-Marie Lovina Gegbai-Jalloh- Kingho Investment Company
22 Aruna Patrick Kamara- SLBC Freetown
22 Augustine S. James- MRCG
24 Baindu Mustapha Bawoh- Awoko/Student
25 Brima Kamara- SLP Media One
26 Cecil Cole-Showers- Guardian Post
27 Chindu Sreedharan- Bournemouth University (Associate Members)
28 Crispina Lois Taylor- Radio Lion Mountain/Dpt Station Manager
29 Cyril Donald Barnes- Embassy of Sierra Leone in the State of Kuwait
30 Daniel S. Boima- Reedemer Radio/Presenter
31 Dauda Koroma- Independent Observer
32 Desmond Darlington Sogbor Afri Radio
33 Eastina M.B. Taylor- BBC Media
34 Edward Alicious Renner- World Vision SL
35 Elfrida Johnson- Women’s Voice Newspaper/Reporter
36 Emmanuel Alfred Samura- SLBC Reporter
37 Emperor Bailor Barry – Justice FM 98.5
38 Fatmata Q. Turay- Afri Radio
39 Fayia J. Moseray- Peak Newspaper/SLENA
40 Feima Sesay- Public Review/Reporter
41 Foday Moriba Conteh- Calabash Newspaper
42 Francis Hinga Murray- Judiciary Dept PR
43 Gibrilla Elongima Kanu- Prime Times Newspaper
44 Hassan A Jalloh- UNDP (Associate member)
45 Hassan I. Conteh- Night Watch Newspaper
46 Hassan Yankkees Koroma- Nationalist
47 Ibrahim Alusine Kamara- Salone Compass
48 Ibrahim Kabba Turay- Concord Times
49 Ibrahim Sangba- News Watch Newspaper
50 Isaac Sowa- SLBC Snr Producer
51 Isatu Mayah Kamara- Glow Newspaper
52 Ishiaka Sannoh- MRCG
53 James C.B Kamara- Manneh Editor A-Z Newspaper
54 Jeremiah Kargbo- Station Manager Redeemer Network
55 John John Whitfield- Head of Newsroom Afri Radio
56 Jonathan Turner- SLBC Reporter
57 Jonette-Ann M. O Greene- MRCG
58 Joseph Abu Kamanda- Forum Newspaper
59 Joseph S. Turay- SLBC Reporter
60 Julian Koroma- SLBC
61 Kelvin F. Kamara- Radio Lion Mountain
62 Kemoh Saidu Sesay- Watch Newspaper
63 Lawrence Williams- Publisher Freetown Post
64 Lucinda E. Orielly- Voice Peninsular Radio-Presenter/Producer, Continuity announcer
65 Mabinty Magdalene Kamara- Editor Politico
66 Mamadu Bailor Bah- Star Line Radio F/T Correspondent
67 Mary Isha Kamara- SLENA
68 Margaret Mariama Sengeh- Editor SLBC
69 Mariama Sesay- Premier Newspaper
70 Mariama Suma- SLBC Reporter
71 Mariatu Esther Kabba- BBC Media Action
72 Marie Esther Samura- SLBC Sport Reporter
73 Mark Thompson- CTN
74 Mohamed Gbassay Kamara- PFMU-Comms Officer
75 Mohamed J. Bah- AWOKO Newspaper
76 Mohamed Kelfala Fofanah- Gleaner Newspaper
77 Mohamed Lamrana Jalloh- SLRSA-Comm Officer
78 Mohamed Massaquoi- Press Attaché
79 Mohamed Momoh Sesay- A-Z multi media-Reporter
80 Mohamed Osman Bangura- Capitol Times-Proprietor
81 Morlai Kargbo- Epic Radio
82 Muctar Koroma- Mercury International Radio
83 Mustapha Dumbuya- Public Review Newspaper
84 Mustapha Kamara- Gleaner Newspaper
85 Nandaywa Thoronka- SLBC-Reporter SLBC
86 Osman Sesay- MRCG
87 Patrick Sallia- SLBC-Reporter
88 Patrick Yatta Conteh- Radio Mount Aureole Producer
89 Philip Makavore- The Executive Newspaper
90 Philip P Brima- BBN Technician/Production/Continuity announcer
91 Precious A.A. Smith- PAL Online Television
92 Pricetta Williams- Press Attaché Ghana
93 Rev Dr Victor S. Suma- Commissioner IMC
94 Rev Cornelius Henry Coker- Mercy TV
95 Siaka Wusha Conteh – Consultant
96 Samuel Jeremiah Kargbo- Sky Times Newspaper
97 Samuel Saio Conteh- Sierra Leone Police Media
98 Sheku Putka Kamara- Capitol Staff-Editor
99 Sia J. Senesie- Orator Newspaper
100 Sidique Fofanah- Station Manager Radio Mount Aureol
101 Simity Admire Neneh Kamara- Radio Maria
102 Sonia Jaffal- Presenter SLBC
103 Sorie Ibrahim Kamara- SLBC-Reporter
104 Sulaiman Juldeh-Bah- Editor-Unity Newspaper
105 Sulaiman Karim Sesay- AWOKO Newspaper
106 Tilly J. Barrie- Editor, SLBC
107 Usman Bah- MRCG
108 Valerie Hambra Macarthy- Comnet Media
109 Victor Jones- SLBC Presenter
110 Yangie Deborah Sesay- Afri Radio/Reporter
111 Yvette Cole Smith- SLBC Freetown
112 Zainab Sunkary Koroma- Media One Center-Presenter/Producer
1 Allieu Sajuma- Radio Mao/ Kailahun
2 Amadu Sajuma- Radio Moa/Reporter
3 Amara Abdul Martin Foday- Reporter-Kamboi Agric Radio
4 Aminata Conteh- SLBC Kono
5 Dauda Kamara- SLBC Kono Station Manager
6 David L Bassie- Station Manager Radio Nongowa 101.3
7 Francis Gbandaque- SLBC Kono
8 Foday Nabieu- SLBC Kono
9 Hallie Andrew Sahr- Kamboi Agric Radio 92.5 FM/Presenter/Reporter
10 Idrissa Sheku Bangs- Voice of Kono/Station Engineering/Reporter
11 Isata Mabinty Koroma- SLBC Kono
12 James Samai- Station Manger SLBC Kenema
13 Joshua Saa Petiquio- SLBC
14 Lahai Farma- Manager Voice of Lower Bambara
15 Mariama Bah- Kamboi Agric Radio/Reporter
16 Mohamed Sedie Mansaray- Station Manager Kamboi Agric Radio 92.5
17 Mohamed y Jalloh- Voice of Kono
18 Moriba Bockarie- Star Line Radio 98.5
19 Munya Bawoh- Engineer/Reporter
20 Musa Bockarie- Assist Program Manager Voice of the East Kenema
21 Sahr Daniel Koroma- Voice of Kono
22 Sahr Jimmy Fofanah- Program Manager-Radio Nongowa
23 Sahr Sheku SLBC Kono- Translator
24 Senesie Mary- Reporter AYV/Soft FM
25 Sesay B. Ansumana- Kamboi Agric Radio/Reporter
26 Suleiman Abdulla- Radio Moa/Kailahun
27 Surmarine Thompson F.- Jawie Delight Community
28 Susan Kumba Kamanda- Freelance
1 Yusuf Moseray Suma- Hope FM 93.3
2 Edna Ngegba- Radio Maria Sierra Leone Makeni
3 Margret Misor Mansaray- Radio Bintumani
4 Mohamed Alusine Daffae- Cat radio Farming 106.7
5 Mohamed Belloh Dukuray- Kombra media/Health reporter
6 Mohamed Koroma- 89.5 Radio Shallom Kabala
7 Mohamed Marrah- 89.5 Radio Shallom Kabala
8 Paul Kamara- Radio Maria Sierra Leone/Voice of Wusum
9 Sahr Paul Aruna- Manager Falaba Radio
10 Sarah Mansaray- 89.5 Radio Shallom Kabala
11 Umaro Saidu Turay- Radio Mankneh 95.3fm
12 Umu Thoronka- SLBC
13 Abdul S. Conteh- Shalom Radio (Kabala)
1 Abdul Banya- Kiss Radio 104.1 Presenter
2 Augustine Brewah- All Out Radio-Station Manager
3 Beatrice S. Bundor- Radio New Song
4 Bintu Sia Foday- AYV
5 Brima Fullah- Voice of Faith 89.3
6 David Lebbie- Radio new Song Bo
7 Diana Veronica Fillie- SLBC Bo
8 Esther Neppor- SLBC Bo
9 Evelyn Kargbo- SLBC Bo
10 Fodei Jaiah Kamara- Zimmi Radio
11 Hassan Taylor Kabia- SLBC Bo
12 Jamiru Kebbie- Classic Radio
13 Jibao Stephen Coombe- Classic Radio Bo
14 Mariatu Massaquoi- IMC
15 Mustapha Mansaray- Radio Wanjei 101.1 Pujehun
16 Patrick C. Blake- Classic Radio
17 Paul Kamara- Radio New Song Bo
18 Ralph S. Sesay- Njala University
19 Sallaymatu Naomi Conteh- Kiss 104 Bo
20 Soriba Samura- SLBC Station Manager Bo
21 Suaibu Joe Kallon- Classic Radio Bo
22 Sulaiman F. Fofanah- Zimmi Radio
Alhaji Manika Kamara
Acting Secretary General