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Why Are We Going to Use Four Ballot Papers on Election Day?

By Mabinty M. Kamara 

The 2023 election is barely a month away but preparation for that started a long time ago. Like previous general elections, this is a multi-tier elections but there are major differences compared to the last three elections Sierra Leone has had.

For the first time since 2002, Sierra Leone will be using the Proportional Representation system. So how will this impact the election?

According to the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL), four elections will be held on the same day. Every voter will have to vote for President, Councillor, Mayor/Chairpersons and Members of Parliament.

One ballot paper will be used for the Presidential election, another one will be used to vote for Mayor/Chairpersons, the third ballot paper will be used to vote for Councillors and the fourth ballot paper will be used to vote for Parliamentarians.

The Director of External Relations and Public Education at the ECSL, Albert Massaquio said:  “We have four different elections. Every voter is going to have four different ballots. You vote for president separately, you vote for MP separately, you vote for Mayor/Chairperson separately and you vote for Councillor separately. The only difference between the 2018 elections and now is that for MPs and Councillors, we are using the PR system.”

Faces will only be used on the ballot paper for Presidential and Mayor/Chairperson elections. And only party and other symbols will be used for Councilors and MPs.

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