SLAJ Secretary General Speaks About the Importance of Human Rights Perspective in Journalism


On Thursday, June 20, 2024, Alhaji Manika Kamara, Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), delivered a statement at a training workshop focused on incorporating a human rights-based approach into news reporting. The event, organized by the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRCSL), took place at the Peace Museum.

Manika expressed SLAJ’s enthusiasm for participating in professional training sessions, emphasizing the value of such programs in enhancing the skills and capacities of journalists, particularly in specialized fields like human rights reporting. He highlighted the workshop’s goal to deepen journalists’ understanding of integrating human rights principles such as dignity, equality, and respect into their reporting.

According to Manika, this approach ensures that news stories not only inform but also empower audiences, bringing attention to the situations and experiences of marginalized communities.

The Secretary-General underscored the importance of a human rights perspective in journalism, noting that it equips journalists to tell stories that reflect diverse voices while advocating for justice and accountability, especially for the voiceless and powerless. He stressed the necessity for journalists to be knowledgeable about local and international human rights laws, treaties, and conventions to enhance their reporting.

Manika encouraged active participation, urging attendees to ask questions and critically consider the impact of their work. He expressed gratitude to HRCSL for organizing the training and expressed hope for future collaborations to further strengthen journalists’ knowledge and skills.

Manika ended by calling on journalists to make the most of the learning opportunity, aiming to contribute to a more informed and just society.

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