FALSE! Major Issa Turay was not killed by Gov’t of Sierra Leone

By Mohamed Jaward Nyallay


CLAIM: Makoni Times posted on its Facebook wall that Major Issa Turay was killed by President Bio’s government.


VERDICT:  False, the Turay family has released a statement detailing the circumstances of Major Turay’s death, which was natural.


Full Text:

On Thursday evening, Makoni Times posted on its Facebook wall that Major Issa Turay who passed away this week was killed by President Julius Maada Bio’s government. On its Facebook wall, it carried the picture of the later soldier with the quotation: “Another military officer from the North, Kamakwei has been killed by the Bio regime: Major Issa Turay of RSLAF”


The Turay family has since released a statement detailing the circumstances leading to his death, which shows it was a natural cause. His elder brother, Aruna Turay who authored the press release that has now gone viral, explained that Major Turay collapsed suddenly at his Benguema residence and was rushed to the military hospital at Wilberforce.

Aruna Turay wrote: “The truth is that the Late Major Issa Turay died of Natural Causes in the early hours of Wednesday, 16th August, 2023.”

Turay added: “In the early hours of Wednesday, he collapsed at his residence at the Armed Forces Training Centre (AFTC) in Benguema. His fiancée (a lactating mother) telephoned me at 6:20 am and informed me that Major Issa has just reported “feeling bad” and dropped on his parlour floor. So, immediately, I advised her to take him to the Medical centre at AFTC,”

Aruna continued that his brother was later referred to 34 Military Hospital, Wilberforce and by the time they got to the hospital he was pronounced dead.

The Turay family has urged Makoni Times to take down the post or they will explore an option to litigate the platform.


CONCLUSION: Based on the detailed explanation from the family, Major Issa Turay was not killed by the Bio government as Makoni Times claimed.



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